LeaderStrength™ Systems, Inc., is a learning and performance organization that focuses on three specific areas: Management Skills, Leadership Development, and partnering with Learning and Performance Professionals to expand their expertise and leadership skills.

Our principal consultant, Andrea E. Sullivan, is thought of as a leader in the field of learning and leadership. We look at current practices, historical trends, and scientific research to design our programs utilizing what works best to achieve the exceptional growth and ongoing high performance that organizations and people desire.

What is our purpose?

Our purpose is twofold:

  • To assist organizations in developing their people into leaders who produce results, thus improving performance, productivity, and bottom-line results in the context of a beneficial and vigorous culture.
  • To raise the expertise and standards of all workplace performance professionals. We believe that, as experts who know how learning and change occurs, workplace performance professionals will create even further value for the entire business community.

What can you expect when you work with us?

  • Integrity: We want what is best for you. We won’t sell you something you
  • don’t need.
  • Cutting-edge practices in learning and performance.
  • Willingness to share new information: We don’t hoard information or ideas –
  • we share with both clients and colleagues.
  • Commitment: Outcome-based leadership means we’re focused on
  • results.

We’re committed to assisting our clients and colleagues in being leaders
who achieve real and lasting results.